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I’m a very innovative and creative person.

I have more than 8 years experience as a videographer, editing, making and producing films.

And more than 10 years experience in Fashion Design.

My career in fashion began with Carlos Tufvesson, a great and well known Brazilian fashion designer.

I've started as a intern and six months later I was the main designer side by side with Carlos, creating and developing the collection, drawing by hand for haute couture clients, look book and brides.

With Carlos I learned a lot; window displays planning and development, e-flyers and invitations, marketing, sales, the backstage of the fashion shows and the models.

After this great experience I went to NY to study for a year.

There I´ve met the fabulous girls behind the brand Alex & Eli, where I worked as their assistant.

Since then I’ve been freelancing with prints, costumes, photography, jewelry design, 

technical drawings and designing wedding gowns.

 Always trying to keep on learning, keep on discovering new ideas and falling in love with them.

Illustration plays a huge part of my life.

Since I was three years old my favorite hobby is drawing.

Lately I found a new love with sculptures.

Wonderland appeared in my life in 2012, bringing a new concept for wedding videos and commercial videos.

I´ve discovered that filming and editing could complete that art world inside my head.

 This amazing film company allowed me to travel and move to a great number of contries; in 2017

I´ve started my journey to Italy, France, The Netherlands and for almost tree years in UK, London. 

Now I´m back in Rio, my beautiful hometown.

For partnerships and business request, please contact me via email,

or send me a message using the contact form :)












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